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The goal for 2B is to be always the guider, helper, and the advisor for the children and youth by creating programs, that will concentrate on children and youth development including their surrounding environments such as schools and parents at home.

In current situation and since 2011, children and youth were neglected, ignored and negatively influenced. Therefore, 2B had to take a step forward, and take an action. We should draw the attention of NGOs, governments, donors, private sectors, volunteers, schools and parents to really take a step forward and invest not only in removing all the negative impacts that have been accumulated during the past period since 2011, but also to promote positive thinking and behavior, and have a highly aware generation that act with high morals and make the right decisions.

2B Goals

  • Creation of strong conscious generations to contribute in building better future for themselves and their country.

  • Provide suitable and supportive programs that will bring change to our community.

  • Introduce the Yemeni youth models to the world, and continue working to instill a distinct image of Yemeni youth in the world.

  • Empowering youth intellectually and economically.